Administrative Law

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Administration means an organization established for the realization of a purpose or a planned activity carried out to achieve a goal. Administrative law, on the other hand, is a branch of law that regulates the way administration is handled and its connections with individuals. If the transactions carried out by the administration are unlawful, the necessary lawsuits must be filed to eliminate the contradictions.

Place of Administrative Law in the Legislative, Judiciary and Executive Branch

The judiciary is the independent courts, the legislative body is the TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly). The administration is also a part of the executive body. The administration consists of public legal entities other than the state, except the President, the Council of Ministers, Ministries and the Prime Minister in the executive body.

The criterion determining the field of administrative law is the public power criterion. Accordingly, those made by the administration using public power are subject to administrative law. The disputes arising in these works are also examined in the administrative jurisdiction.


Principles Governing Administrative Law

There are many basic principles that dominate administrative law. The basic principles numbered in the 2nd article of the Constitution also bind the administration. These principles are respect for human rights, Atatürk nationalism, social state, secularism, democratic state, rule of law.

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