Our office provides legal support to our esteemed clients in the resolution of the case (waiting period in remarriage) and all other disputes that require a Family Advocate and Divorce Advocate, such as; Contested and contentious divorce cases, arrangement of contracted divorce protocols, property regime cases, custody and guardianship cases, alimony, reduction or increase of alimony, permission to marry, cancellation of marriage, establishment of paternity (paternity case), recognition and enforcement cases, abolition of term .

When it comes to Family Advocate and Divorce Lawyer Att. Penbe Üner Keskin

Lawyer Penbe Üner Keskin serves her clients as an experienced family lawyer and divorce lawyer. Şişli lawyer, Bakırköy lawyer and Bakırköy Law Firm are among the first names that come to mind in Istanbul. Lawyer Penbe Üner Keskin, who offers professional legal consultancy services to her clients who have family problems, problems with her spouse and who want to open a divorce case, serves as a family lawyer and divorce lawyer, as in other legal fields, as covered by her experience and expertise.

If you are looking for a family lawyer or divorce lawyer, Av. You can visit Penbe Üner Keskin’s website.

When people need a law firm and a lawyer, they want to work with the best in such sensitive situations that we do not encounter every day of our lives. Penbe Üner Keskin Law Office, the address of those who want to work with the most professionals and are satisfied with their decision, is always ready to work with its valuable clients.

In addition to serving as a Family Advocate and Divorce Advocate, Att. Penbe Üner Keskin offers legal consultancy services in many other areas. Penbe Üner Keskin, who provides legal consultancy services in execution, business, inheritance, trade, real estate and many other sectors and fields, works hard to offer the best to her clients.

Focused on Solving the Problems of its Clients with Analytical Solution Methods

Lawyer Penbe Üner Keskin provides professional assistance to her clients in real time without spending time and effort. On the way from problem to solution, it guides its clients on the shortest and most effortless ways and eliminates their legal problems.