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Lawsuits arising from construction contracts in return for flat, applications to be made within the scope of the “law on the transformation of areas under disaster risk”, also known as the Urban Transformation Law. Disputes arising from this law, deed cancellation and registration cases, applications to be made within the scope of the law known as 2B Law in the public and resolution of disputes arising from this law. Disputes arising from the Zoning Law. Compensation cases arising from disposal without expropriation. Liability cases arising from the land registry. Muvazaa cases. Resolution of disputes arising from immovable property. Ecri missile trials. Our office provides legal support to our valued clients at the point of objection to cadastral determination and resolution of all other disputes regarding real estate law. Şişli Lawyer, Law Firm, Real Estate Law, Construction Contract for Flat, Şişli Lawyer and more.

Turkish Real Estate Law and Attorney

Transactions related to the purchase and sale of properties, such as real estate disputes, construction contracts, defects, and title deed issues, are not limited to typical transaction disputes. However, a number of disputes can arise in other aspects of property law such as border disputes, damages on property, intrusion, nuisance, and infringement.

Disputes are common, especially when the homeowner is no longer able to make mortgage payments. A mortgage payer can issue a refund on the property if the landlord fails to make payments, although it can vary depending on the terms of the mortgage agreement. Forced enforcement will usually involve the lender who is giving the property back and reselling it to another property buyer. This process includes many legal procedures with which a real estate lawyer and team can assist you. A real estate lawyer may choose to follow a mediation that includes the mortgaging party to prevent the property from entering the mortgage. If you are facing a foreclosure or other real estate dispute, it is recommended to speak with a real estate lawyer.

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