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Compensation Lawyer Istanbul

The labor force shown in the cotton and hazelnut fields in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions is quite common in terms of severance pay and seasonal employment potential. Most seasonal workers experience difficulties because they do not know their rights. As a result of the service they provide, they may not be rewarded and may end up in a victim situation. Compensation law is a very necessary system to stand by those who face these problems.

The biggest factor in experiencing these problems is that seasonally employed workers suffer from a low literacy rate due to their low education level. According to the legal system, it has been decided that a worker who works seasonally will not start working in the new season and that the amount to be paid for severance pay will be paid from the date he stops working.

Compensation in Traffic Accidents

With the increasing population rate recently, the number of vehicles has also increased significantly. As the fondness for cars grows with each passing day, accidents have become normal. Most of the drivers are careless drivers. Many traffic accidents occur due to careless driving, unlicensed drivers, drunk driving, disruption of inspections, road defects and precautions not taken in vehicles.

And most accidents result in death or serious injury. As a result of these accidents, not only material damages but also moral damages occur. The occurrence of material damages here, compensation of the damage is in question. Since many people do not know how to use the law and their rights, difficulties are experienced within the compensation law.

Fatal Traffic Accidents

In our country, there are compensations that relatives should receive as a result of fatal traffic accidents. First of all, compensation for deprivation of support, the treatment costs until the death of the deceased, the expenses of the funeral and burial, and the material damage of the accident-damaged vehicle are covered.

Traffic Accidents with Injuries

The situation here can be a bit complicated. Since there is no death here, no compensation without support is not paid. The hospital expenses, the expenses of the working day that he is unable to work, the expenses during the treatment he stayed at home are covered. At the same time, according to the destruction situation after the accident, he can again sue for moral compensation for his pains and aches. Since many people are unaware of these laws, they cannot defend their rights adequately and pay in vain.

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