Istanbul Insurance Lawyer

Our office provides legal support to our valued clients at the point of following up the lawsuits filed for and against insurance companies arising from traffic accidents, applications to be made to insurance companies for compensation and resolution of all other disputes arising from Insurance Law. If you are looking for an Insurance Lawyer and need consultancy in the field of Insurance Law, your first stop is Mediation Lawyer Penbe Üner Keskin Law Firm.

The legal unit that supervises and regulates the activities of businesses that effectively continue their insurance activities is called insurance law. At the same time, this branch of law represents both insurers and private and legal entities and intermediary institutions demanding compensation in many areas such as insurance coverage and liability.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing an Insurance Company?

Such damages are covered by insurance companies in cases of theft, fire and injury in homes and workplaces, and also in case of organ loss in the body. In this context, it is of great importance to choose an insurance company that offers reliable and professional service. It turns out that the effect of insurance companies providing quality service is important in preventing any setback that may occur.

It is seen that many insurance companies serving in the market create some difficulties and even delay payment in adverse situations. Insurance law plays an extremely important role in preventing irregular behavior by insurance companies and compensating losses.

How to Set Up an Insurance Contract?

The insurance contract is not considered a form-dependent contract type. In this respect, it is established by the parties to express their views in accordance with each other. In terms of the law of obligations, the requirement and acceptance must take place in order for the contract to occur. The submission of the proposal to the insurance company is called a requirement. Acceptance is realized when the insurance company declares its will to issue a policy within the scope of the information contained in the proposal and the policy is delivered to the policyholder.