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Contract Law

Reasons creating debt relationship in the Code of Obligations; contracts, tort, unjust enrichment and employment without power of attorney.

Mutual transactions between two or more persons for a specific purpose are called contracts. The branch of law that deals with contracts is called contract law. The basic features of contracts such as content, form, purpose, validity conditions and elements are regulated in the general provisions of the Turkish Code of Obligations numbered 6098.

In the special provisions section of the Turkish Code of Obligations, the most common types of contracts in practice are discussed separately. You can examine many types of contracts such as sales contracts, barter contracts, donation contracts, service contracts, loan contracts, construction contracts in return for flat, rental contracts, work contracts, power of attorney contracts in the special provisions section.

Validity Conditions of a Contract

Contract law is defined in Article 1 of the Turkish Code of Obligations numbered 6098.

The contract is established by the mutual and appropriate disclosure of the will of both parties.

The statement of will can be either explicit or implicit.

As a rule, the validity of contracts is not dependent on any form. It can be done in written form or verbally, a contract is established with the agreement of wills. It is more favorable to do it in writing for ease of proof. However, if a special form requirement is stipulated in the law, this form must be followed. Otherwise, the contract made will not have any validity. For example, real estate sales contracts must be made with official deed. Contract made without complying with this form is invalid. The regulation on the form of contracts is also included in Article 12 of the Turkish Code of Obligations.

The validity of the contracts is not dependent on any form, unless otherwise specified in the law. However, if a form is specified in the law, compliance with this form is the validity condition of the contract. Contracts established without complying with the prescribed form are ineffective and invalid.

If the contract is agreed to be made in writing, the parties must have the signatures of the contract. The signature can be either with the handwriting of the debtor or with a secure electronic signature.

Content of the Contract

The parties can freely determine the content of the agreements between them. However, the content of the contracts cannot be against the law, mandatory rules, general morality, public order and personality rights. Such contrary contracts are null and void.

Istanbul Contract Law

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