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Within the scope of the Law No. 6325 on “Mediation in Legal Disputes”, the mediation profession has been authorized in all matters on the individual’s own initiative, except for those concerning the public order. Places such as mediator lawyers and law offices, who are experts in this profession, are also at the service of people. In this context, mediation solution method should be tried in the following areas. It will be made mandatory on some issues related to the imminent law change. Family Law Disputes, Disputes regarding the financial consequences of divorce, Labor Law Disputes, Wrongful Termination, Discrimination, Harassment, Employer-Employer Disputes, Mobbing, Law of Obligations Disputes, Landlord / tenant, Builder / contractor, Realtor / landlord, Contracts, Health Law Disputes, Patient-Physician-healthcare worker, Physician-Health worker-Hospital, Hospital-Insurance companies, Compensation claims arising from bad practice of medicine, Disputes regarding Intellectual and Industrial Rights, Trademark, Patent, Trademark infringement.

All these profession groups can be extended as desired. But there is only one fact that these problems must be resolved in any case. We may encounter unexpected surprises both in professional life and social life. Such surprise problems are not problems that can be exaggerated, and can be solved easily with the help of our law. However, at this point, it chooses the lawyer you will give the ropes of a certain section of your life, so to speak. It can be very difficult to find a lawyer who can give you these powers and whose sincerity you can believe will solve you as soon as possible. Unfortunately, not every place that acquires a law firm sign can deserve the title of a law firm in real terms.

Istanbul/Turkey Legal Mediator and Lawyer 

When we consider that even the suggestions of those around us from time to time do not meet our needs, it is up to us. At this stage, doing good research becomes essential in finding lawyers and law offices for mediation. If you are looking for an address that you can trust in such vital matters and entrust the course of these situations, Istanbul Lawyer Mediator Lawyer Penbe Üner Keskin Law Office should be your first stop. It has made a name for itself in choosing and following the shortest and most effortless path to the solutions of the problems by establishing a healthy communication with its clients within the framework of professionalism with its clients until now.