Business Law

Our office at the point of follow-up of the lawsuits (labor and compensation receivables), reemployment cases, disputes arising from the Social Insurance Law, service determination cases, providing consultancy services to employers in the preparation of employment contracts and resolution of all other disputes arising from Labor Law. provides legal support to our valued clients. Those looking for a Labor Law Lawyer, Labor Lawyer, Labor Law Lawyer; Those who are curious about the Return to Work Case, Labor Court, Compensation Case and Return to Work Conditions; Those who say I am looking for a Labor Law Lawyer and looking for a Labor Court Lawyer come to the Mediator Lawyer Penbe Üner Keskin Law Firm.

Compensation and Law of Torts

It is quite common for people to file damages in order to get their rights. The court process appears to be a painful process for both the plaintiff and the defendant. However, working with lawyers who are competent and have strong references will greatly alleviate the pain of this process. Choosing a law firm that will be your guide in this process by making the right decisions for you without resorting to legal authorities is vital.

Employment Case – Returns to Work – Terms of Employment Returns

If you think your employer has unfairly dismissed you, it is natural to wonder about the terms of reemployment lawsuits. Reemployment lawsuits usually start with the unfair dismissal of their employees by institutions or individuals. In this case, the victims resort to ways such as filing a lawsuit for compensation or reemployment. Addressing vital and sensitive issues such as Business Cases with the same sensitivity, Istanbul Lawyer Penbe Üner Keskin Law Firm stands by its clients in these processes.

Istanbul Business Lawyer – Employer and Employee Attorney

If you are looking for legal counseling services in a subject that falls within the scope of labor law such as reemployment lawsuit, you are in the right place. Mediator lawyer and Labor Law Attorney Penbe Üner Keskin is ready to serve you in these contexts. In the past, it has been a sought-after name in the field of labor law, working with individuals and institutions. Do not forget that the use of your trumps in sensitive matters such as business cases is very valuable and the choice of lawyer plays a key role in this way.