In the field of Criminal Law, our office provides legal support to our valued clients at the point of participating on behalf of the complainant and making complaints before the prosecutor’s office, defense on behalf of the defendant and follow-up of all cases arising from the Turkish Criminal Law. When it comes to lawyer, Şişli Lawyer, court, law firm and criminal lawyer, the researches that need to be done are quite deep.

Criminal Law – Crime Lawyer

What is Crime? What is Crime and Criminal Law? What Shoul A Crime Lawyer Be Like?


Crime is the deliberate act of an act, often defined as socially harmful or dangerous and specifically defined under criminal law, prohibited and may be punishable. Most countries have established their own criminal law.

Definitions of specific crimes in a code must be interpreted in the light of many principles, many of which cannot be expressed in the code itself. For example, many legal systems take into account the mental state of the accused at the time of alleged crime. Most legal systems also classify crimes in order to sue different courts. Social changes often lead to the adoption of new criminal laws and older ones becoming obsolete.

Just as it is very natural for the crimes committed to have sanctions, the person who will be subject to this sanction – the lawyer – and the person who is exposed to the crime – the rider – have a natural right to defend themselves and express freely. Although we avoid it happening to us, life is full of surprises and we may find ourselves in the courtroom at an unexpected time. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find a lawyer and a law firm who is a foundation in the field of Criminal Law and can represent the client in the most effective way. If you are wondering who will be with you in such difficult times and you are in a search, you may tend to surrender and entrust yourself to the first law firm and lawyer you come across. In such cases, the Criminal Lawyer Penbe Üner Keskin Law Office will guide you on the way to overcome these difficult times and to refreshment by being with you, our esteemed clients, in court proceedings.

Istanbul Crime Lawyer – Turkish Criminal Law

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